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This United Airlines pilot will convince you: The truth is out there

Not everything that Dr. Steven Greer and friends upload to their Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel is convincing. Like some of the CE-5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) footage in his Sirius documentary, for example. Or the blurry-light-smear photo he says is a kind of interdimensional being. But he says everything with such authority, I tend to believe him. For at least a few minutes after listening—until the spell wears off.


Dr. Steven Greer, eager to disclose.

If he is to be believed, though, he’s lucky to be alive, so I feel I owe him the benefit of the doubt. After all, it is my tax dollars that underwrote the many insidious attempts to whack him over the years. And what’s the harm in believing? So I don’t end up with that world-transforming zero-point-energy generator the size of a shoebox I’ve been hoping for. Well, a gallon of gas is cheaper now than it has been in a long time, so thank you, Mr. Obama, and please consider calling off whatever dogs might be out there sniffing around for Dr. Greer. If, indeed, Mr. Obama is even in the loop on this particular initiative (“unacknowledged” is a Big Deal in Greerland—Siriusly).

So my belief sometimes runs a little lukewarm. Recently, the Sirius folks uploaded a 10-minute “witness testimony” with a retired United Airlines pilot identified as “Mr. Daniels.” If, indeed, that is his real name. Mr. Daniels (they at least could have called him Captain Daniels) claimed to have more than 30,000 hours of flying time over 59 years. He flew 29 missions as a bomber pilot in World War II. And his report of seeing a UFO (between Albany and Boston at 37,000 feet) was utterly, entirely believable. See for yourself.

I would let this man fly my plane today. And I would comfortably lean back and watch a full-length feature film during the flight (I actually saw Con Air, of all things, on a United Flight, and hoped not to see Nicolas Cage come out of the cockpit and bid me farewell upon disembarking).

So there you have it. Proof positive of the existence of very bright objects. I want to believe—I truly do. And, along with this pilot, I do not believe that what he saw was swamp gas.

Wait. His name wasn’t Jack Daniels, was it? :/

KJC dingbat-thumbnail

Postcript: Came upon this video today (21 Aug 2016) and figured it was worth adding to this post. Enjoy…and marvel.

The article from which this comes, at Ancient Code, includes other videos, available here.


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