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The time I let a crazy woman drive my business into the ground. And now…Trump.

It may have been a case of temporary insanity. But, you know, I was in love. And, as you also may know, these two things might be related.

I started a business in the early 2000s that enjoyed double-digit growth for 4 or 5 successive years. My significant other at the time, however, was pretty sure I could do better. And, in some kind of experimental pique, I decided to let her try.


She’s at the wheel: But it’s your car.

She would show up for work, I’ll give her that. She made all major decisions and even dictated my responses to emails. I won’t disparage her in any way, as this was my experiment. I will simply note that she was on a number of psychotropic prescription medications. Besides, when the business tanked along with most of the rest of the American economy in 2007-’08, there really was no clear line of blame to be drawn.

The reason I bring it up at all is that the feeling I have now, witnessing the administration of Donald Trump, is strikingly similar to the feeling I had then. In 2007, it was “What have I done?” Today, it is “What have we done?”

Perhaps a sizable portion of the American electorate feel as I felt: “This person appears quite certain that he/she can do better. And he/she is pretty fucking adamant about it (which may or may not be a function of psychological pathology). So, given that I haven’t been doing all that fucking well, although I’ve been doing pretty fucking well, why the fuck not give him/her the chance?” Or some fucking equivalent thereof. Ignoring the disparity between popular vote and the fucking electoral college.

And again, the line of blame is not clear. It is not clear that Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice. Trump is our experiment. And the end is not yet written.

And temporary insanity remains a possible conclusion.

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