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Well, here we are. Where are we again?

Like most people, I’ve spent the past few weeks since the general election trying to get a bead on my feelings about the spectacle. Balancing the pros and cons of the major candidates often seemed to waver directly on the edge of where my head might explode.


We are ascending, and it’s a hell of a light show. (source)

Let alone digesting the final result: The putative victory of Donald J. Trump. Fortunately, many people in the “spiritual community” (I’m pretty sure there is such a thing) believe that Trump is not a vibrational match to the current ascension of humankind from the 3rd to the 5th dimension (you heard right) and thus is unlikely to make it to inauguration day. (What might prevent that from happening, specifically, is not described.) Unfortunately, a certain number of those mystical folks acknowledge that, yes, Mr. Trump may actually reach the point of placing a tiny hand on the Bible to swear that he will uphold our Constitution as President, which fulfills a necessary step on our national journey into chaos and destruction (and, hopefully, a more optimistic future). This appears to be so because Trump does not represent the electoral wishes of the American public so much as the shadow side of the evolution of human consciousness—a contrast that had to happen simply to provide a contrast. (As I’ve been led to believe. And BTW, “led” is the past tense of “lead.” If you’ve been “lead” to believe something, a heavy element [“lead,” with an atomic number of 82 and abbreviated Pb on the periodic table] is exerting too much influence on your beliefs. So don’t do that.)

The Probability of World Collapse

I withhold analysis of the spiritual ramifications of a Trump presidency until I feel that I have safely ascended to the 5th dimension. I did notice, however, that the recent quadrennial fiasco unfolded rather like a play. The plot points often felt contrived, as in “How could this thing get any weirder?” It sometimes felt as though an Omnipotent Author were pulling the strings, rollicking in thunderous laughter. At us, not with us.

In the postmortem of the general election, I found myself paraphrasing a quote from the Benghazi hearings: “At this point, what does it matter?” Not exactly a response brimming with emotional maturity. If you expect to find a healthy acceptance of election results, do not read this post-election report on a face-off between campaign staffs. Derangement and deflection remain the order of the day.

One quote from that report, however, was transfixing:

“There was no one who was less surprised that she lost than Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t expect everything to go her way.”—Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director

In spiritual quarters, that’s called a negative intention, and the Law of Attraction works to manifest that intention. And if that’s not convincing enough, Clinton’s staff brought up a few more 3rd-dimensional reasons, listed here in no particular order: inaccurate polls, a mainstream media obsessed with Trump’s behavior, and James Comey. Everything except themselves.

The Power of Distraction, Diversion, and Deflection

To secure his place in history as a sore winner, Trump also found something to blame: Millions of illegal immigrants who somehow managed to vote in a way that could be confirmed by absolutely no one, but apparently is believed by many. Like a single remaining goat femur among a pack of ravenous coyotes, that Trumpian tweet kept the media busy for a good 24 hours—time that otherwise may have been devoted to covering controversial cabinet appointments or his $25 million settlement of the Trump University lawsuit. Trump’s decidedly 3D power (distraction, diversion, and deflection) appears also to have a genetic component.

So, here we are. And if you’re like me, you don’t fully know where that is. There may be some comfort for you in one school of thought, which holds that alternate timelines may be formed in response to major events such as presidential elections. The odd bedfellows of this particular school include mystics and theoretical physicists. Depending on the power of the collective consciousness at that moment, in one timeline Donald Trump never mounts the podium to take the oath of office and in another timeline, he does. And there might be timelines already branched off from this universe where Hillary Clinton won.

In another timeline, therefore, there would be me not writing this post because neither of these candidates won, and instead Bernie Sanders was preparing his inaugural address. Meanwhile, in this universe, all I can say about Donald Trump is that, at this point, I’m just not catching his vibe.

Far out.

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Postscript on 4 Dec. 2016: Here’s an example of what the “spiritual community” thinks about Donald Trump.

Postscript on 5 Jan. 2017: Please tell me that this is not true…

A yearning for an earlier time, especially prevalent in rural American towns and cities like Mount Airy, helped spur white evangelical Christians to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. For these voters, the desire for change also could be viewed as a desire to change back, to what they perceive as a more wholesome and prosperous time, when high-paying manufacturing jobs were plentiful, white Protestants were indisputably in charge and same-sex marriage and the Black Lives Matter movement were unthinkable.

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