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Using the Shroud of Turin as a 3D map

One of the most interesting History Channel documentaries was a scientific reconstruction of the body one time wrapped within the Shroud of Turin. Originally, I had a link here to the entire documentary, but A&E enforced some kind of copyright claim that required the video to be removed. I’ve found another from the 3D artist, Ray Downing, which may be more long-lived:

No one makes the claim that this is the face of Jesus (well, none of the scientists involved). But the reconstruction itself is fascinating.

There are other shorter excerpts available online, but you’ll miss the science. Still, I sympathize for those with little patience, having not much myself. Like this one, only a few minutes long.

Articles in The Huffington Post and the Cosmic Log of CBS News detailed the forensic anthropology involved in the reconstruction. Again, fascinating from start to finish.


Screen shot from documentary.

I’m not one to participate in religious discussions. But the shroud itself over eons has elicited no small amount of care and protection, implying that whoever was inside was considered important. It could all be a massive case of mistaken identity. Or…something else.

That’s why I love science. To a large freakin’ extent.

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