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Report on a Skype consult with a spiritual teacher

A good friend is a fan of the Skyaia Show, a weekly YouTube program by Dr. Simon Atkins. Frankly, I enjoy the show also, as Simon, consciously or not, is frequently ribald and hilarious—but never strays far from what seems a comforting mantle of sincere and great love for people.


Dr. Simon Atkins, host of the Skyaia Show.

Simon bills himself as a “climate economist, disaster risk forecaster, doctor of bioelectromagnetics and natural health, a corporate strategist in planetary and solar threats on business continuity, a scientific truth advocate, and a spiritual pacifist.” He was born in Rugby, England, in 1969 and moved with his family to New York in 1980. He received a bachelor’s of science degree in atmospheric sciences from Cornell University. After working for Weathernews in Japan, in 1993 he moved to Finland to attain an “International MBA.” He ended up back in the United States and became a US citizen in the mid-1990s. His biography is quite captivating; suffice it to say that he now lives and broadcasts from his home in Uruguay.

As we grew familiar with the Skyaia Show, we came to know a man who appeared to be one of Simon’s regular guests: David Ian Cowan. Together with his partner, Erina, Cowan maintains a website called Blue Sun Energetics. He’s written a few books, and claims to help in creating “foundations of peace, joy, and optimal health”; the “end of suffering” through healing the mind; healing techniques using laws of “vibrational resonance and entrainment”; cultivating a “universal state of oneness”; and helping clients open to “the liberation of nondual thought,” a subject of one of my recent Fantasy Crow YouTube videos.


David Ian Cowan of Blue Sun Energetics.

Cowan honestly lost me at the dowsing. He holds a plumbob of some kind over a target of some sort and it moves in some type of direction, which provides some manner of an answer. But…my friend was convinced—not just over the plumb fabulousness of the plumbob, but with almost every thought and concept Cowan expressed. The man is obviously deeply familiar with the current undercurrents of humankind’s current spiritual ascension into fourth- and fifth-dimensional reality. So she booked a Skype gig with him.

It really doesn’t matter how I feel about the quality of the information that Cowan was able to convey to my dear friend, God bless her to the depths of her tender and caring soul. She seemed relatively satisfied. And I’m sure she balanced everything that she was told against the cost of the experience, as any of us would. So, in short, for her it was worth it. Had it cost a quarter of a million dollars or so, I’m sure she would have wanted to address her deceased mother directly in the living room, sitting across from her in a comfy chair, perhaps ticking off the extensive list of slights, insults, neglects, transgressions, misconducts, malfeasances, misdoings, violations, etc., common to a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. But maybe not. Maybe she’s a better person than I.


The plumbob thingamabob, which swings every which way, answers all sorts of questions.

However, here’s what got to me. Cowan provided my friend with a link to a downloadable PDF, which is perhaps still freely available on the Web, titled “How Do You Forgive? Forgiving For Good.” And I read it. And I thought it was pretty good. Good enough for me to touch base with Cowan after the fact and inform him that I planned on writing a blog post about his Skype gig with my friend. He was arrestingly sincere, gracious, and humble, and continued to be even to the end, after I did a little research on his sources.

One of those sources was Ryke Geerd Hamer, a former physician and the originator of Germanic New Medicine (GNM), sometimes called German New Medicine or simply New Medicine. GNM is a pseudo-medicine that purports to be able to cure cancer. Hamer claims that his method is a “Germanic” alternative to mainstream clinical medicine, which he claims is part of a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews. Hamer is anti-Semitic. He lost his medical license in 1986, and in 1995 received much criticism when the parents of a girl with cancer abandoned mainstream medical treatment in favor of Hamer’s approach. He has earned opprobrium in several European countries.

Though I’m not sure of the pedigree of GNM, these disturbing revelations about Hamer prompted me to investigate to what extent, if any, medical science allows the use of information gleaned from the horrific medical experimentations of the Third Reich. Perhaps the definitive source came from a website called Jewish Law: Examining Halacha, Jewish Issues and Secular Law, and an article by Baruch C. Cohen, who wrote:

“Absolute censorship of the Nazi data does not seem proper, especially when the secrets of saving lives may lie solely in its contents. Society must decide on its use by correctly understanding the exact benefits to be gained. When the value of the Nazi data is of great value to humanity, then the morally appropriate policy would be to utilize the data, while explicitly condemning the atrocities. But the data should not be used just with a single disclaimer. To further justify its use, the scientific validity of the experiment must be clear; there must be no other alternative source from which to gain that information, and the capacity to save lives must be evident.”

Again, I have no special knowledge of the sources Hamer may or may not have used to formulate GNM. His unlovely brainchild may have nothing to do with Nazi experimentation. However, in my correspondence with David Ian Cowan, I mentioned these findings and my reluctance to follow up on my announced intention to write a post describing my friend’s Skype consultation with him. Cowan responded with this polite and moving explanation:

“Although I can’t speak to Hamer’s politics, I can attest to the validity of the principles he espouses from his experiences in the medical field. I myself was dealing with colon cancer almost 20 years ago. As per Hamer’s understanding, my healing centered on my recognition of the guilt I had taken on regarding a painful divorce. When I ‘saw’ that I had created a cognitive dissonance in attempting to apply a guilt-based assumption over a raw memory, and was able to reinterpret the event in recognizing the divorce was not in fact ‘my fault,’ the illness receded and has not returned since. This is why I am a believer.”

I’m not one for dowsing, but neither am I in a position to fully discredit it. And the journey that Cowan sent me on was worth the price of admission, both for my friend and for me. So I continue to be a fan both of Simon Atkins and David Ian Cowan. They both have shown me nothing but honesty and love to the extent our interactions have permitted it.

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