Why would you create something you hate?

Let’s say you hate Antonin Scalia. And you chastise yourself for hating—for hating anything. And you realize that Scalia actually rationalized and supported hating. (Irony!) And, simultaneously, you believe that you create your own reality.


Antonin Scalia is or is not evil (source).

You’re in a strange place. Why would you create something you hate? Why would you hate in the first place?

I am not a lightworker, whatever that is. I don’t understand why, if you are a co-creator in this 3D reality, you would co-create something like Antonin Scalia. Perhaps it’s because you are not the only co-creator around. Perhaps there are more co-creators intent on creating Antonin Scalia than those who would never participate in such a low endeavor.

Perhaps it’s not just a matter of numbers, but of combined power. Perhaps even one person with huge creationary power could overwhelm many more minor co-creators with just tiny, little powers. Like a bridge club comprising little people with little minds having tiny, little preoccupations, such as fashion, income, social connections, etc. One large, enlightened individual may overwhelm such a group, sending all their little electric cars into a huddle in the parking lot outside the bingo hall/clubhouse/nursing home. If they are enlightened, in your judgment, they may have participated in the end of Antonin Scalia. If they are unenlightened, in your judgment, they may be responsible for the existence of Antonin Scalia in the first place.

Thus, in conclusion, you are not responsible for evil shits if indeed you are an unevil shit; or, if you are evil, you can rejoice in the creation of evil shit, which is pretty much everywhere.

Unfortunately, there are no answers among any of this rambling. There are no answers anywhere. There is only you—evil or unevil. And you will find what you will find. And you will create what you create. And you will be powerless except for your ability to adopt the attitude that this is evil and this is not. You can believe that Antonin Scalia is evil or that he is not.

And that is your legacy. That is how others will judge you or not. Or ignore you or not.

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