Creepy voice, creepy man? Ben Carson and the 3 Cs

Ben Carson on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd.

What could go wrong?

This is it: Ben Carson's time to shine.

This is it: For me, Ben Carson’s time to shine turned to shudders and a horror show. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Sure, you want a president who remains calm. But I just happened to turn away from the TV today while Chuck Todd interviewed the Republican candidate for president, Ben Carson (leading Trump in the Iowa polls right now). And I made the mistake of listening.

Just listening.

There are only a handful of actors who could do this voice, or have, and the role would be (or is) a soft-spoken serial killer. Sorry, Ben. You have the world’s creepiest voice.

I understand that this is not the most rational way for me to pursue my duty as a responsible citizen of the United States of America. But I have a feeling (and aren’t feelings important, too?) that many, many people do it exactly this way. One moment, on a sunny Sunday (if it’s Sunday, it must be “Meet the Press,” although Chuck Todd now claims it’s every day, 24/7, because, hey, they’re online and stuff), an impression is made. Good or bad. Indelibly. Bam!

Do not try this at home. Please consider a candidate’s overall character, record, etc., before casting that all-important vote.

Carson has impressive control. Every tiny vocal nuance rolls out like medicine, just the right temperature, but unpleasant somehow. I can’t shake the idea that sociopaths exhibit similar exquisite control. (Carl Eugene [Coral] Watts, are you listening?) This is something you can try at home: Dim the lights, find a comfortable chair, and listen—just listen—to Ben Carson.

It’s the three Cs for me today: calm (Carson), clamorous (Trump), and creepy. And Carson trumps Trump in the creepy category. I don’t see a lot of creepy around Trump, unless you’re creeped out by uninformed, impulsive risk-taking.

So Dr. Carson and his creepy voice will never get my vote. But it’s cool that this happened to me around Halloween. Great time for goosebumps. And, frankly, based on his positions, I wouldn’t have voted for him anyway.
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